Audiomoth is a wide applicable device for wildlife acoustic monitoring

We manufacture the latest version of Audiomoth v1.1.0.

Main Features of Audiomoth v1.1.0:

  • EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Capable of recording at sample rates up to 384kHz
  • Records uncompressed WAV files to microSD card
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Analog pre-amplifier with adjustable gain
  • Measures just 58 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Configurable USB interface
  • Onboard real-time clock keeps track of time in UTCFea

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Audiomoth is an open source device , designed by the team “Open Acoustic Devices“, which is a small, UK-based research group formed from a collaboration between the University of Southampton and Oxford University. 

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Pre-installed lastest Firmware v1.2.0

Bats Acoustic Monitoring

Description of Audiomoth :

Description of Audiomoth :

AudioMoth is an open source full-spectrum acoustic logger built around the Silicon Labs Gecko processor by the Open Acoustic Devices Team. It can detect sound from ranging from audible to ultrasonic frequencies and can record uncompressed audio to micro SD card from 8,000 to 384,000 samples per second. A popular research tool for environmental and biodiversity researchers worldwide thanks to the Arribada Initiative, you can now find unattended AudioMoths in some very unexpected places such as rain forests, jungles, and bat caves worldwide.

Audiomoth pcb
Audiomoth circuit board

Audiomoth is an environmental and wildlife acoustic monitoring tool that addresses many of the barriers associated with pre-existing acoustic monitoring tools. The small size and low power consumption of the device make it amendable to long-term and large-scale scientific research. It provides a manyfold lower cost alternative to pre-existing equipment, and lowers the technical barrier to entry into open-source hardware. This is the first paper to fully describe the AudioMoth hardware build and two types of enclosure to house it.

Some Applications of Audiomoth:

AudioMoth can be configured to record at many sample rates, making it suitable for monitoring sounds from different source types. These include: anthropogenic noise, such as gunshots, chainsaws or engine noise (8 kHz sample rate); audible wildlife, such as bird, insect or frog vocalization (48 kHz sample rate); and ultrasonic wildlife, such as bat or amphibian calls (384 kHz sample rate). The device can be used in multiple deployment scenarios, such as scheduled or triggered acoustic monitoring in remote areas, handheld acoustic monitoring, large-scale acoustic monitoring projects, long-term acoustic monitoring projects, environmental monitoring for education, and large scale citizen science projects.

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