Product Overview :

  • 6 Thrusters (2 horizontal, 4 vertikal)
  • 4K UHD recordings @ 30fps
  • 2x 10W LEDs with each 1500 Lumen
  • 100m cable drum
  • Tilt lock
  • Depth Lock
  • 3S 9000mAh Power
  • Max. Depth 150m
  • Vmax 2m/s

Place an Order Now : 3,499 $

Details :

Geneinno releases with the Titan a very versatile and award-winning underwater dune with 4K UHD recording function.
The Titan is a real workhorse. More thruster, more diving time, greater depth, accessories like robotic arm, hydrophones
or sonar make it unique among the ROVs in this price segment.

It is currently the only semi-professional underwater drone which is equipped with a gripper arm or a hydrophone
can be. It can carry out a variety of underwater missions.

It is equally suitable for hobbyists and companies.

No matter if you
  • explore the underwater world,
  • Record dives,
  • carry out a boat hull or dock inspection,
  • Carry out safety inspections,
  • want to test their aquaculture,
  • Record underwater sounds or
  • want to pick up small objects from the floor and bring them to the surface
  • want to pick up sunken objects such as boats and subsequently create a 3D model