Wild Life Camera

Wildlife cameras, also known as trail cameras, digital scouting cameras and camera traps are rugged, weatherproof, battery operated digital cameras that can record video or photos, night or day onto removable memory cards.

They can be strapped to a tree or post or mounted on a tripod or spike on the ground and record every action around the clock often for many weeks at a time. They are becoming very popular with everyone from wildlife film-makers, researchers, security experts. This high quality, low priced technology developed for the hunting market is equally useful for people wanting to watch wildlife without disturbing it.

4G LTE Trail Camera‚Äč

Technical Details

Image Resolution : 24 MegaPixel

Video Resolution : 1080 Pixel

Detection Range : 20 Meters

Trigger Time : 0.4 Seconds

Screen Size : 2 Inches

Waterproof :  IP66

System : Wireless

Memory Card : SD Card

Internet : 4G LTE

Place an Order Now : 199.99$ / unit

Night Vision Images :

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